Monday, July 6, 2009

Stop & Shop Sues Big Lots' over 'real deal' Slogan

In tough economic times, shoppers are searching for the best deal--maybe the 'real deal' when it comes to home goods and groceries and grocer Stop & Shop wants to make sure that anyone searching for a 'real deal' thinks of Stop & Shop. Discount retailer Big Lots' has been using the slogan, 'real deal' in its advertising and Stop & Shop wants them to, well--stop. Stop & Shop charges that Big Lots’ use of a logo similar to its 'real deal' slogan, above, violates its trademark. According to the Boston Herald, "The Quincy supermarket company, which operates 382 stores in the Northeast, claims in a federal lawsuit that Big Lots’ use of a similar logo for its advertising circulars, Web site, signs and national TV campaign will likely cause confusion among shoppers who’ve come to identify 'real deal' with Stop & Shop.

The grocer introduced its 'real deal' campaign in May 2008 to point out discounted items and promotions to consumers looking to stretch their dollars while shopping in its stores"

This isn't the first time that Stop & Shop has sued a competitor, just last month they settled with Whole Foods, who has now switched their slogan to "The Whole Deal."

So what do you think? Should Stop & Shop continue to sue competitors over use of an easy catch phrase?

Stop & Shop sues co. over ‘Real Deal’ slogan

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