Wednesday, July 15, 2009

* Updated * Large Company Perspective: Putting the Marketing Back into Shopper

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Jon Troy, Director of Category Management & Shopper Insights, Johnson & Johnson

We were thrilled to hear from Jon Troy today as he discussed the role of shopper marketing from Johnson & Johnson’s perspective.

Today, shoppers have all the power and your consumers are in a buying mindset.

“Now, with so many vehicles out there and consumer consuming media in so many different ways I really don’t know where they are. The one place I know they are is in the store. They’re in the store and in Buy mode.” –VP, Marketing of Johnson & Johnson.

Troy discussed how today’s shopper challenge is being blinded by the clutter. We must use shopper marketing to inform, engage and inspire the customer. In store marketing has to have an emotional connection—leading the customer to purchase. The path to purchase a particular product starts at home, with circulars, online and by word of mouth.

Troy also noted that it’s important that we manage the path to purchase as a shared responsibility. The most successful organizations are communicating with consumers along the entire pathway to purchase. They are doing this holistically, from Marketing to Sales as a Consumer transforms to a Shopper.

Below are a few more highlights from Jon Troy’s presentation today:

Johnson & Johnson Shopper Marketing—Organizational Alignment
Building J&J brands and categories through identifying and understanding relevant shopper targets and informing, engaging and inspiring them along the path to purchase.

Core principles of Johnson & Johnson:
Insights to strategy to activation
Enterprise wide, not just Sales
One J&J capability

Troy relays that organizations should want to define the category as broad as possible. With the case study of Tylenol, Johnson & Johnson decided to not go into the Tylenol business—they went into the pill business. Instead of focusing on the pain business, the business of relief, Johnson & Johnson focused on the pill business. Leveraging their brand equity and providing more for their customers.

What Your Organization Should Know
All functions of the organization must have focus on and commitment to consumers and shoppers Organizations must look through a category lends before putting on their brand hats
Organizational alignment begins with a common planning process that starts at the category level and considers consumer and shopper.


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