Friday, July 17, 2009

Shoppers in a New Economy: A Live Shopper Panel Featuring Shoppers of Various Life Stages and Demographics

Moderated by: Christine Holt, VP & Jennifer Keller, Research Director, C&R Research’s Shoppereyes Division

Looking at four real women shoppers, we get some insight into the mind of the Mom shopper—which we’ve learned is so important for us during the conference. Today’s panel discussion discusses what is most important to these shoppers and to their families. Below is a dialogue that we had the pleasure of hearing during today’s panel.

“How many times a week do you go to the grocery store?”
Christina “Two to three times a week”
Debbie “The same, about 2 times per week”
Melissa, “I try to do it once a week, but a lot of times I need to run out during the week to grab something.”
Allanna, “I shop once a week. I have a meal plan going.”
“Where do you do most of your food shopping?”
Allanna, “My major shopping for groceries is Jewel, they have a good coupon policy. They still take the internet coupons, a lot of places don’t take the internet coupons. I also go to a smaller grocery store about 10% of the time. Household items, I go to Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens.”
Christina,”I don’t use coupons. I gave up on it years and years ago. I shop at Ultra because Jewel has higher prices. I go to Target, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club for bulk items (shampoo, cereal). Wal-Mart has good prices on condiments.”
Debbie, “Wal-Mart or Meijer is easier to go to because you don’t have to worry about coupons. Jewel and Dominicks have higher prices.”
“Are there certain types of products that lead you to a certain stores.”
Melissa, “I go to a smaller chain for lower prices on lunch meats and other meats and their meats are very fresh.”
“What is the experience in the different stores? Where do you really enjoy to shop for food and household products?”
Debbie, “I enjoy Meijer’s. I enjoy shopping. I like Wal-Mart because I like the layout and I can get bath items, clothes, etc. Its one stop shopping. Its enjoyable for Meijer because there is always something to catch your eye and something new—I like the shoes.”
Christina ”When I go to Wal-Mart, I can pick up food and bathroom type items. I can get enough food items. I go to a little deli for lunch meat.”
Debbie, “I buy a lot of toys for my grandkids at Wal-Mart.”
Allanna, “I enjoy going to a smaller retailer for groceries because people are really friendly and always ready to help out. They automatically bag and take out your groceries to your car.”
“Where would you prefer to go at the end of the day on your way home from work?”
Christina, “I hit the Jewel, its close to home.”
Allanna, “I send my husband to Jewel on his way home.”
“Is there a place you dread shopping?”
Debbie, “Jewel because the prices are so high.”
Allanna, “I dread shopping at Aldi’s because of the lines.”
Everyone on the panel agrees to like self-check out because it makes things smoother and its convenient.
Allanna, “I like to self-check out because it gives my kids something to do while I check out.”
“Is there anything you would change about self-check out?”
Debbie, “As long as there is someone there to help me, then I’m happy.”
Allanna, “As long as there are people to help out the other people who don’t know what they are doing then I’m happy.”
Debbie, “A couple more conveyer belts would be nice.”
“Tell me about something you saw, in terms of the set up of the store that made it easy or enjoyable for you to shop.”
Allanna, “I like when everything has a clear price. I don’t want to look around for the prices. A smaller retailer has everything on one aisle that’s on sale in their circular.”
“How many make lists?”
Allanna, “I make a list and stick to it.”
Debbie, “I make a list, but I don’t stick to it.”
“Why do you choose the place that you do choose for shopping?”
Unanimously it’s price.
Debbie, “Wal-Mart and Meijer have such low prices that I’m fine with shopping there all of the time. Even if they are a little higher on a few items, I know I’m saving money on something else in my cart.”
“What are you cutting back on?”
Christina, “I have cut back on cereals in order to save money. We now have cheaper cereal in bags and we are okay with that.”
Allanna, “I am cutting down on kid’s treats because of sugar, high fructose corn syrup. I make my own granola bars now. We do more fruits now.”
Allanna, “I make my own hamburger helper, its fresh and its tastes better. My motivations for changing were because I had everything on hand.”
Allanna, “We went from making $75,000 per year to now $25,000 per year and with my skills and coupons we have been able to save $4000 this year for our vacation.”
Melissa, “I buy store paper now. I poked a hole in the store brand to test its softness and it seemed okay with me.”
Christina, “I will try a store brand if it’s on sale.”
“Are there things you won’t trade to private label for?”
Debbie, “Coffee”
Melissa, “Deodorant”
“What was the last interesting new product you saw?”
Allanna, “A new Bounce product that reduces the amount of dryer sheets. I found out about it via email, that came with a coupon to try it. The coupon was $4 off $10.”
Debbie, “I like the microwaveable sausage and bacon products.”
Melissa, “Tide has a new stain remover thing that you can throw in the washing machine. I got a coupon from Tide about it, via email.”
“How do you find out about new products?”
Christina, “I like to sample things at Sam’s.”
Allanna, “I belong to a grocery message board, we give hot tips about what’s out there to try. There are about 10,000 women and men out there. I look for opinions that way.”
Melissa, “Sometimes the pop ups on the internet, newsletters and alerts from different companies help via email.”
Today’s panel gave valuable real insight into the mind of the Mom shopper.

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