Thursday, July 16, 2009

*Updated* Keynote:A Fresh and Easy Place to Shop

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Simon Uwins, Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco’s Fresh & Easy

The recent rise in popularity of shopper insight and shopper marketing is a bit “amusing” to Simon Uwin’s and his company. For them, their kind of business, what people think about the brand is wholly dictated by the shopping trip. The shopping trip is absolutely fundamental to their brand.

Tesco has a simple purpose, “To create value for customer to earn their lifetime loyalty.”

Embedded in this purpose are two simple ideas:
1. We have no right to exist unless we create value for customers
2. We must earn their lifetime loyalty

Our (Tesco’s) values
1. No one tries harder for customers
2. Treat people how you like to be treated

Talking to people is the key to research, by moving from desk research/store visits to qualitative exploration of grocery shopping behavior to the drill down on specific aspects: however, if you just talk to people and ask them, what they tell you is not necessarily what they are going to do.

After talking to people, shoppers really like convenience but convenience can sometimes bring highly processed foods. A lot of times, people felt that they had to go to other stores in order to stretch their budget further. By talking with people, Tesco realized that there is a need for a convenient, fresh and healthy place for people to shop—that didn’t break the budget.
By creating a simulated shop Fresh & Easy was able to conduct a brand positing study near Los Angeles that allowed them to showcase their differences from other grocery stores.

The way to spread the word about Fresh & Easy was simply to keep talking to people. By doing so, you should plan to explain what you’re trying to do (and body language is absolutely essential), ask for feedback and always make sure that you do something about the feedback that you receive.

Fresh & Easy follows these strategies to ensure their brand and their organization:
A Fresh & Easy Shop
A Good Neighbor
A Great Place to Work
We Keep Things Simple
We’re Passionate About What We Do

Simon offers this great mantra for retailers, “You will not have happy customers unless you have happy staff.”

Fresh & Easy is now building a broad customer appeal and earning amazing customer advocacy.


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  1. simon,
    I just made a valid complaint today to F& after several tweets to twitter with no response.

    You state in this address posted on this website that Tesco's/F&E's rules are to treat people as they want to be treated; develop customer "lifetime" loyalty, yet you are removing your best products and replacing them with crap. check out what is exactly in your cans of tuna nowadays. I'd rather it rotted fish from Love Canal.

    I went the other night to go get my favorite coffee that you guys produce--the F&E brand $4.99 - $5.99 2 lb can, and was told that it too is being discontinued in place of a newer label of coffees, just like the tuna.

    Simon, the stuff stinks, and I have no where to complain, because no wants to listen. There are many other products that now are no longer worthy of sale, nor human consumption!