Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finding the "Right Shopper at the Right Time"...Online

Jim Lencinski of Google educated us on how we can use digital ads to find the shopper we want to talk to. This is an important task nowadays since many target demographic groups are spending as much time online as they are in front of the TV sets.

In the current economy, people are watching every dollar they spend. Consequently, they research the purchases they intend to make very thoroughly before they buy -- and see online searches as the best way to conduct this research.

Jim advocates the use of both search as well as display (banner) online ads to reach shoppers. Online search ads can communicate deals when they are keyed to search query words; they can keep your brand top-of-mind with a 'virtual end cap'; and can utilize hot-links within the ads to drive qualified leads to your advertorial websites.

Jim also encouraged CPG manufacturers to work together with trade managers, brand reps, customer reps and retailers to unify efforts to dominate search result pages. He also advocates including paid search as a line item in all sales trade collateral budgets.

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