Friday, July 17, 2009

Could An Application Suite Be The Solution for UK Multichannel Retailing?

Multichannel Retail: Using Integrated Technology to Achieve Cross-Channel Brand Consistency

Focus on the customer experience has become a top priority for retailers. Maintaining consistent customer service levels is made all the more complex as consumers are now shopping across many channels. Whether the customer shops through a bricks and mortar store, a transactional website or by mail order, the consumer expects consistent service.

The retail sector has evolved from a store only business to one that sells through multiple channels. With customer experience being a top priority for retailers in a recession, it is important that multichannel retailers provide a consistent service, no matter the channel. In this report, Datamonitor’s analyst specializing in retail technology will discuss the developments in multichannel retail and will identify the key vendors with end-to-end multichannel offerings.

This report is essential reading for those looking to gain insight into multichannel retailing in the UK and the technology. You can gain insight into the different technology providers offering end-to-end multichannel technology to the UK retail sector.

Learn about the leading multichannel retailers and their technology strategies with this report.

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