Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*Updated* Convert More Shoppers to Buyers by Improving and Integrating the On-line In-store and On-ad Experiences

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Sheila McKay, Customer & Channel Insights, Hewlett Packard

Sheila took participants through an innovative session that focused on how consumers purchase products from Hewlett Packard.

McKay placed the different types of shoppers into five categories:

Purchaser Profiles and the Shopper Journey

Convenience Retail Buyer
“Quick, easy and fast” These shoppers know exactly what they want, they don’t want to research or give much fuss into the decision. The best way to reach these customers is through in-store marketing

Retail Enthusiasts
Absolutely love to shop, they like shopping for technology process. Will try demos and talk to the sales associates. There path is much longer; however, they spend the most in comparison to other shoppers.

These shoppers must know everything about a product before they can make a purchase. Their path is very long, confusing and very hard to nail down. These individuals will make their purchase either online or in-store.

One Stop, Web Stop
This is the second most lucrative group for retailers. These shoppers will not shop around.

Online Only
They visit a ton of websites before they make up their minds. They are willing to trade off brands for the best price.

Exploring the Shopper Journey for Consumer Electronics

Shopper frustrations, misleading signs and procedures in hard to shop places can be difficult for shoppers to access the products. By working with the retailers, its important to see how the products are being displayed in store. Sometimes the stores will provide not enough information or display the products in hard to reach areas, behind lock and key or in some cases, simply a box could appear.

Another issue that HP has seen is online there is way too much information available for consumers making simple products seem very advanced. Also, be vigilant with regard to search tactics. If a shopper searches for your product online, what other products appear in their search?

Finding the right supplies to go with a particular product can be very difficult for the shopper as they navigate the tricky store experiences and online searches.

Customers love big overhead directional signage, cross-merchandising and organized/clean retail spaces.

Ultimately, customers are trying to simplify the shopping process by matching their needs to the right product.


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