Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*Updated* “My Western Family”

Videoclip below

Learning from Roger White, Director of Marketing, Associated Food Stores, Inc.

How love, laughter and store brand products come together. White discusses how the use of a quirky family attached to Associated’s private label helped to fuel purchases and to create quite a following online via “Mommy blogs” and chatter.

Creating innovative ways to connect with customers is integral to moving your brand forward, with “My Western Family,” shoppers now have a valid, real connection with Associated’s private label, “Western Family.”

By creating webisodes of “My Western Family” they offered $1000 to anyone who was able to finish the ending of the webisodes—they had over 60 entries. Winning entry was done by a high school drama department who moved next door to “My Western Family” as the “Leading Brands.”

Making a drama out of the differences between private labels and leading brands, played out in witty satire. But what other drama must families go through when deciding to purchase a store brand over a leading brand?

Facebook offered Associated more chatter as participants in the $1000 “My Western Family” challenge solicited the votes of friends/family to Associated’s sites.
How can your private brand go viral to aid in store brand growth?


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