Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration for Innovation & Design (Opening General Session Presentation)

The opening presentation this morning at the Shoper Insights Summit dealt with how to get inspired and then use that inspiration to innovate. Peter Dixon and Andy Stefanovich told us to always remember that ""You need inspiration; She [the shopper] needs inspiration; and The world needs inspiration."

Where does inspiration come from: There are six sources:
(1) Company Capabilities -- new stuff you can do
(2) Customer Insights -- what they didn't they needed until you pointed out the need for them
(3) Cultural & Indudstry Trends -- what's happening out there
(4) Challenging Conventions -- utilizing "The Costanza Principle" a la the Seinfield TV Show: Sometimes it's best to do the exact opposite of what your instincts tell you to do
(5) Experiental Analogs -- combine two opposing ideas, as in "it's like ___ + _____"
(6) Brand -- a 'dated' concept, perhaps, but it can tell you where to look.

Using these concepts, we can become innovative when we first get inspired, then experiment with new ideas, and finally implement what we've come up with.

All in all, an inspiring presentation on inspiration!

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