Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration for Innovation & Design *Updated with videoclip*

Peter Dixon, Senior Partner, Creative Director, PROPHET
Andy Stefanovich, in charge of what's next, PLAY

Imaginary thirteen second cocktail party! Ask the person next to you, “What inspires you?”

Audience reactions:


We are creating artificial barriers of inspiration, it’s important to let the barriers be gone. One client is building an inspiration policy, it’s an HR directive to be inspiring.

• Inspiration is essential
• Inspiration is a corporate responsibility
• If you are not feeding your employees with new inputs…you cannot expect new outputs

Applying personal inspirations to business output will provide huge benefit.
Inspiration + Design = Innovation

What would inspiration mean for your business?
“Artifacts, symbols and richness”
“Access, language and an entry point for the topic”

Where does inspiration come from?

What can only your business accomplish?

What is the truly unique thing that only your business can accomplish?

Framing things in really powerful ways; frame and set up constructs for people to access inspiration for a topic.

To create a truly unique shopping experience, you must infuse the entire process with inspiration.

A holistic process for creating the retail experience

Look at more stuff:
Important to develop a regular discipline for seeking direct and indirect inspiration

Design thinking:

A transparent process, iterative ideation and fast-prototyping; an openness to experimentation, failure and continual improvement

Make it real & really matter:
Make the business case, fact-based evaluations of trials, prototypes and in-market improvements

6 sources of inspiration:
1. Company capabilities
New stuff you can do
2. Customer insights
What they didn’t know they needed
3. Cultural & industry trends
It’s happening out there
4. Challenging conventions
“The Costanza principle”
Doing everything opposite that you think you should do—with success
5. Experiential analogs
“Its like ________ + ______”
6. Brand
It can tell you where to look

The world is the source of inspiration. What is the world thinking, saying and needing right now?

Innovation is not related to brand, innovation without an ability to create value is not really innovation. The marrying of innovation processes with economic indicators makes a success.

Case Study: Infiniti
Infinti brand cars: To create a differentiated customer experience, basic car dealership conventions were challenged.
New showroom for Infiniti: enter—lobby—lounge—gallery
A process to bring process—building desire was integral to the customer experience success of Infiniti.
Garnered to create focus but to build an environment of modern luxury.

Case Study: Conoco
Materials, finishes, icons and featuring reflected the analogous sources.

Case Study: Wal*Mart
To try to expand on an already successful model, the new brand promise, “Save Money Live Better,” meant that the store experience needed to change the dialog with the shopper.
Making the dialogue, “Inspiration for what she wants.”
Inform and inspire at the shelf and in the aisle

You need inspiration. She (the customer) needs inspiration. The world needs inspiration.

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