Friday, October 2, 2009

Shopper Marketing Fusion 2009 Highlighted Session: Defining Consumer Behavior at Retail with Phillip Raub, Nintendo

Join Phillip on Friday, October 16th at 1:30PM for his presentation, "Defining Consumer Behavior at Retail: Why do Consumers Cross the Retail Threshold?" at Shopper Marketing Fusion 2009.

Why do consumers decide to shop where they shop: in-store design, superior customer service, quality products, low cost...In the original 5 & dimes it was about variety and value. In the 1980s specialty reigned king. By the 90s big bog had emerged, yet luxury prevailed with the Internet boom. By 2000, bit box was holding storn as the economy contracted; however, by mid-decade speciality retail was back and in only a few short years, big box rules again.

So what drives why consumers show where they shop?

In this session you'll learn:

  • A better understanding of why consumers choose one retailer over another.
  • What it takes to ensure that your Brand is still relevant and top of mind to consumers
  • The need to diversify your business and constantly budget for appropriate reinventions.

For more information about the great sessions offered at Shopper Marketing Fusion 2009, please download the brochure.

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