Thursday, October 1, 2009

Private Label Impact 2009 Savings End Tomorrow!

Calling all CPGs, Retailers and Private Label Manufacturers... if there is one event you cant afford to miss, it is this one. Private Label has revolutionized the retail industry and will continue to do so. Join us to discover how this new retail landscape can be a win-win for all parties involved - co-exist profitably. Register by tomorrow with code PL09PBLI to save $100 off your registration.


Check out some of the great presentations:

“Private Label: Redefining the Meaning of Brand” with Michelle Barry, Ph.D., Co-Author, A Brand Called Hope, SVP, The Hartman Group

Can private label thrive without name brands? The emergence of private lab ease a quality product that can compete with name brand products on an equal basis has changed the dynamics of how consumer products are marketed and sold. This presentation will provide an accurate portrayal of the changing landscape of the private label market and the associated strategic business implications for both retailers and manufacturers of name brand and private label branded products.

Learn more about Michelle Barry, Ph.D.:

“How Brands and Private Label Can Work Together to Achieve Category Goals” with Thomas Ewing, Director, National Accounts, Private Label & International, T.Marzetti Company

Learn how a category merchant can use the unique strengths of both branded and private label products to build a coherent category merchandising plan. How do you use these strengths to build a merchandising plan to meet the differing objectives? What are the different tiers of private label products?

Download more information on speakers and presentations at this year’s event:

Private label in the news:

Private-Label Growth in Every Channel reports that despite remarkable strides made during the past several years, private-label sales are concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of consumers. The top 50 private-label categories, representing 17% of CPG categories, account for 69% of store brand sales.

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Amazon's Private Label Goods Continue
The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is quickly and quietly moving into the private label arena. Reporter Geoffrey A. Fowler says that the latest sign: The Seattle-based e-commerce giant, last month received a U.S. design patent for a wooden chopping block.

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