Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopper Insights in Action 2009 Speaker: Diane C. Wallace

Diane C. Wallace
Vice President, Shopper Marketing
The Coca-Cola Company

Diane leads the Shopper Marketing organization and the Shopper Marketing center of excellence for Coca-Cola North America. Diane assumed the role of Vice President in 2007 based on the leadership role she played in the transition of the organization from Retail Marketing to Shopper Centric Retail Marketing. Diane joined Coca-Cola in 2003 as Director, Retail Customer Marketing. She was promoted to Group Director, Shopper Marketing, in 2006.

During her six years at Coca-Cola, Diane has been instrumental in leading: the increased engagement with retailers in the areas of shopper insights, the increased shopper insights and shopper marketing capabilities within Coca-Cola North America; and the development and execution of idea driven, brand centric, shopper relevant merchandising approach at retail. Her team is responsible for the development of the retail channel strategies, marketing plans and in store merchandising looks of success, as well as the ownership o f the shopper insights and marketing relationships with retailers.
Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Diane spent four years with The Eastman Kodak Company. She was recruited to Kodak in 1999 as the Group Director, Customer Marketing and Category Management. After two years, she was promoted to Vice President, Sales Strategy, Planning and Execution. During her tenure at Kodak, Diane instrumental in leading: the creation and transition to customer centric brand planning; increased headquarter and field based customer marketing and category management capability; and, increased customer execution results of national brand initiatives.

Diane began her professional career at The Quaker Oats Company. During her ten plus year career at Quaker, Diane held numerous headquarter and field based brand marketing, sales and sales planning positions.

Diane holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from The University of Tennessee. She resides in Atlanta with her husband and two young children. She is active in a variety of community and non-profit interests.

Shopper Insights in Action 2009
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