Thursday, June 25, 2009 Offers CPGs Direct to Customers

Just launched in beta, offers free shipping and built in coupons for customers to purchase household goods. The makers of Alice are banking on the idea that the CPG market is relatively untapped online--although mega retailer, offers many of the goods. According to a report on, " CEO and co-founder Brian Wiegand said, "The vast majority of consumers don't buy their household essentials online, and we set out to change that at Alice by taking a completely fresh approach to the CPG industry. By eliminating the traditional retail layer, we allowed the companies that produce these goods to connect directly with the people who use them. The result is a neutral platform for CPG manufacturers to work together as an industry and channel their resources in exciting new ways for the consumer." continues, "consumers create an account on and select and save all of their favorite products, ordering only the items they need. keeps track of items and reminds users when they are running low. Each shipment is bundled together in a single "Alice" box and delivered directly to the consumer."

Will the ability for consumers to buy their household products online interfere with the local grocery chain? If the popularity gains intensity, will we see more coupons and special offers to grocery shoppers? We'd like to hear what you have to say about and the CPG online market. Bypasses Retailers on New Consumer-Goods Shopping Platform

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