Monday, February 2, 2009

Value Your Shoppers' Time

A recent post on discusses how a survey conducted by BuzzBack Market Research found that even though shoppers are shopping for bargains, they want to save time and want the buying process to be easier. Here’s a sample from the post of what consumers are searching for when they shop:
  • Fifty-three percent are using the internet more frequently to research products and prices;
  • Forty-six percent want to receive price comparisons, product reviews, coupons, promotions and store sales information online or via e-mail;
  • Forty-nine percent are switching between retailers, 'shop hopping', to get better value;.
  • Twenty-six percent are making more frequent shopping trips to take advantage of promotions;
  • Twenty-one percent are shopping at stores with more flexible hours and 17 percent are increasing trips in line with pay day.
What are some examples of companies that offer their consumers product reviews, coupons, promotions, and exceptional customer service? comes to my mind, but what are some others?

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