Friday, January 30, 2009

Shopper marketing continually evolving

In a recent article at the Hub, Vince Weiner recently took a look at what the shop Pure Dark was doing to keep their store filled with customers as many other stores in Greenwich Village in New York's stores continued to stay empty. When entering the store, you could sample the chocolate, and if you chose to purchase it, you're able to customize it. They've done very little marketing, except for having some big name blogs mention their store.

He made this very insightful observation:
For shoppers, it does not have to be about always finding the lowest possible price. It’s also about finding out what’s new, exciting and fun on one’s own terms. It’s not about plopping a kiosk in the corner or hanging a digital sign overhead and calling that “integration.” It’s about delivering in the store on the things people love about going online.

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