Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beef Checkoff launches new shopper marketing campaign

In an effort to further connect with their customers, Beef Checkoff has launched a new shopper marketing campaign that connects their television campaign with a television promotion which focuses on selling veal as a dish, not as a cut. In addition for consumers to have the opportunity to win free groceries for a year, they're highlighting the website Veal Made Easy, which teaches customers how to cook veal.

Dean H. Coklin, the Executive director for Veal Marketing, had this to say about the new campaign:
"People already love veal. But our research tells us they don't always know how to cook it. By educating the consumers about how easy it is to prepare a delicious, nutritious veal dinner in their own kitchens, veal will enter the short list of protein options for home cooks."

Source: The Cattle Network

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