Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Questioning Microsoft's Retail Strategy

Rob Enderle of ITBusinessEdge.com contends that what makes Microsoft different is that it is not a premium vendor. Its demographic covers the full range of offerings from the very low end all the way up to the very high end in gaming PCs. Unlike Apple, its offerings are complex. The true benefit it offers is in the breadth of the offerings and the ecosystem that lies behind them. These are concepts that gave Microsoft the market advantage that resulted in dominance. But, like Apple, in most stores there simply aren't the talents available to help either explain or sell the resulting benefits or help people achieve them once they've purchased the products.

It seems the Enderle claims Microsoft has overextended itself without the proper resources to sustain this reach. Do you agree? What can Microsoft do, on the shelves, in their marketing efforts to refocus their brand and consumer shopability?

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