Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopper Insights in Action 2009 Chair Heads Up Coca-Cola Sponsored Commission on Shopper Marketing

According to, Coca-Cola North America is sponsoring the creation of a commission dedicated to shopper marketing. Diane Wallace, Vice President, Shopper Marketing, said, “Our strategy is to provide leadership to our retail customers in the area of shopper insight-driven shopper merchandising and marketing solutions in store,” Diane Wallace, vice president of shopper marketing, Coca-Cola North America, said. “Our objective is to drive more beverage sell through to shoppers, and to do this by connecting with shoppers in store through relevant shopper insight-driven ideas and solutions that include our brands.”

Diane Wallace is speaking at our upcoming Shopper Insights in Action 2009 conference this July in Chicago. For more information about the conference and about Diane, please visit our Shopper Insights in Action 2009 event page.

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