Friday, April 3, 2009

Kimberly-Clark Shares Tried-And-True Shopper Marketing Tactics

Elaine Wong of Brandweek reports that Kimberly-Clark's Mark Scott is ready to share their shopper marketing tactics. Check out Wong's interview with Scott here. Of particular note for Shopper 360 readers, check out this exchange:

BW: What portion of Kimberly-Clark’s total ad budget does shopper marketing currently make up? Have you increased spending in this regard since the recession began? Why so?

MS: [We don’t break down marketing spend.] Having said that, we did in December actually formalize a shopper marketing structure in North America, where we’ve got some folks out in the field on some of our customer teams and some dedicated shopper marketing resources imbedded into our brand teams. All of that is intended to make sure we have the right shopper and customer choice at the right time as we build integrated marketing plans. Because we really want to put the consumer and the shopper—who, in many instances are the same—at the center of everything we do and we get deep insights [from] them.

What do you think a dedicated shopper marketing team should cost?

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