Thursday, January 14, 2010

A&P to Adjust Pricing Strategy

The Wall Street Journal reports that Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., which owns A&P and Pathmark grocery chain is working with shareowner Yucaipa Cos. to develop new marketing strategies to lure tight-fisted consumers. Christian Haub, the executive chairman and interim chief executive said that A&P is discontinuing several marketing programs and reinvesting those funds into lowering shelf prices on everyday foods. New advertisements also will focus on those lower-priced shelf items.

Sales at the supermarkets have fallen by a reported %5.8 percent as the grocery chain has not had success and connecting with customers.

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  1. With the new Good Deals booklets found instore weekly, the Price Shockers, and the ever popular Red Tag shelf price reduction program, Great A&P's family of banner supermarkets has streamlined its somewhat confusing pricing and promotional structure to better focus on maximixing customer total shopping cart savings.