Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Understanding the Pet Owner Mindset

Nestle Purina's Installment on RetailWire.com:

Catering to the whims and habits of a pet owner is less about understanding their demographics than their mindset, because it's the relationships with their pet that mainly drives their purchase behavior. One indication of the intensity of the relationship between pets and their owners can be seen in the results of an October 2008 survey by Consumer Reports that studied consumer intentions for the holiday gift giving season. The majority of respondents (59 percent) said they would be cutting back on gift giving in 2008. However, among those, only 23 percent indicated they'd be reducing gift spending on their pets.

When creating an atmosphere for pet owners, remember that many owners see pets as members of their families--for some they even replace children. The bonds between a pet owner and their pet are solid and grocery stores and other retailers should realize this to maximize the customer experience.

Read more about creating a pet owner shopping experience here.

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