Thursday, March 11, 2010

Should retailers leave demographics behind?

Reuters reports that German consumer products maker Henkel has found that shoppers who plan their trips, scanning circulars and clipping coupons, actually spend more money than others, making them a prime target for retailers and manufacturers.

These shoppers accounted for 31 percent of spending on packaged goods in 2009, even though they only make up 26 percent of U.S. households.

Despite their bargain-hunting ways, the group -- which Henkel dubbed "Shoptimizers" -- on average spent more than $7,100 last year, buying more packaged goods while cutting back on some fresh items, Henkel said.

Consumers who do a little planning before they shop and look for deals once they are in stores, a group Henkel calls "Mainstreeters," spent close to $6,300 on average, up $81.

Carefree shoppers, who never use coupons, spent just over $5,600 in such outlets last year, up $246, Henkel found.

Despite their distinct shopping patterns, the three groups generate profit margins for retailers that are nearly identical, he said. They are also split evenly in age, income and household size.

Learn more about the survey done by Henkel ACNielsen and Information Resources Inc by visiting the original article.

Retailers should leave demographics behind

After you've reviewed the data, what do you think?

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