Monday, December 14, 2009

Archived Recording Available: Do Consumers Prefer Private Label? A Look Into Consumer Attitudes About Private Label

What is the difference between name brands and store brands? Do consumers know? Do they care? How do they describe private label compared to name brands? Does this differ across categories? How about across markets?

Private label and store brands are having an impact on many consumer purchases today, both in the US and Europe. And within these markets the definition of private label compared to name brand varies according to category and retailer.

When is a name brand important? What makes a name brand different? Do consumers feel the same way about brands today as they did a year ago? Why or why not?

Showcasing BuzzBack’s unique portfolio of award-winning online research techniques, this webinar will highlight new consumer research conducted in the US and UK about purchasing behavior and attitudes associated with private label versus consumer name brands. The study will present ways to identify consumer behavior and attitudes about shopping via an online survey.

As you listen in, you will learn:
What drives consumer purchases of private label brands and why
Consumer perceptions and attitudes about private label compared to name brands
Types of people who purchase private label compared to store brands


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