Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's coming for shoppers in the future?

In a recent article at the Hub, Sonja Mathews, PepsiCo; Mark Scott, Kimberly-Clark; John Glace, Johnson & Johnson; and Jason Sorley, Marketing Drive discuss some of the trends they see coming in shopper marketing and how shoppers are behaving once they enter a store.

When Sonja Matthews was asked about new, exciting in-store innovations, she shared a new concept being used in Spain:

Shoppers can use a handheld device that maps out not only the fastest route to get their shopping done, but also makes suggestions based on their available funds, time, and other areas of interest. It’s like a GPS for shoppers. So, for the shopper who is time starved or who is looking for an adventure, it’s going to give them what they need. I love this technology more than anything else that I have seen because it matches the shopper mission to the right products and store venue.

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